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The Civil Web


Hello! This website was made to show people the important things to know that happened during the Civil War, the outcomes, the important people, and related ...

H.L. Hunley (confederate submarine) - The Civil Web


H.L. Hunley was a Confederate submersible that demonstrated the advantage and danger of undersea warfare. Hunley was the first submarine to engage and ...

Uniforms - The Civil Web


Trousers: The trousers issued to the soldiers were made of wool. The pockets in the trousers shown here are t the same style as those found on 18th C.

Fashion - The Civil Web


A big fashion during the Civil War was hair jewelery. Hair jewelery is jewelery that has the hair of a beloved on the jewelery. It would be found on bracelets, ...

Andersonville Prison - The Civil Web


This prison was the larges prison during the war. This prison covered 16 1/2 acres of land! It held captured Union soldiers. It is now known as Camp Sumter.

1860 America Census - The Civil Web


The Civil Web. Search this site. Home · Abraham Lincoln · Advantages and Disadvantages · In the North · In the South · Amendments of 13,14,15 · Andersonville ...

Plessy v. Ferguson - The Civil Web


On June 7, 1892, Homer Plessy, age 30 was arrested for sitting in the white section of the East Louisiana Railroad. Plessy was very pail skinned and could pass ...

In the South - The Civil Web


Background Information: In the South, people were interested in cash crops. The most profitable crop was cotton. Everyone wanted to grow cotton because it ...

Matthew Brady Photography - The Civil Web


Matthew B. Brady was one of the most celebrated American photographers, best known for his portraits of celebrities and his documentation of the American ...

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